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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Purging and Cleaning and Cleaning and Purging

So my husband and I have been arguing lately about our housing situation.  As in, we have outgrown our townhouse, but he's too lazy to move.  Okay, he doesn't think it's necessary, but I think it's just because he's lazy.  I finally brought him over to my side, and have started packing.  Hey, it's easier to do it slowly and when you can get boxes than to race at the last minute to pack up a whole house!

We have a floor to ceiling bookcase in our loft which has accumulated a lot of stuff.  That stuff has turned into a $100 profit on Amazon.  Yipee!

That is good we have an extra $100 since my drywall project isn't going as smoothly as planned.  Stupid DIY Network makes everything look so easy.  I haven't even got to the part of putting in new drywall and taping and patching and what not.  I'm still trying to finish cutting out the two bad sections.  I'm thinking the area above my front door is more LSEDI (Let Someone Else Do It).  So I guess that $100 will go towards those repairs.  Too bad, I was excited about that money!

However, I have to give it a little more time and sweat as I told my husband there was no need to hire anyone; I can handle it.  I can't be wrong! :-)

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