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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I May Float Away

It is wet outside!  We're having flash flood warnings here in Hampton Roads.  Yipee.

I had just sat down to finish reading the paper (from last Sunday) and organize my coupons when it started raining.  It was raining too hard to run out to the car to grab my coupon binder, and my female dog decided to come sit by me, on top of all my coupons and sales flyers.  My husband had to come grab them out from under her before they slid in between the couch cushions into the great unknown.

At least it's cooling things off.  My husband cleaned out his car and brought this in the other day:

A melted cd case.  This had only been in his car for 2 weeks at the most.  No wonder I look like a sweaty mess everytime I get home--it is hot!

I did go to the grocery store the other day when I wasn't at car dealerships (more on that in a minute).  I went Tuesday to Farm Fresh, they were doubling coupons up to $1.  I didn't use a whole lot of my $1 coupons, I mainly stocked up on things I needed that they don't sell at Target: canned black-eyed peas, more flavors of Dannon Light & Fit yogurt, and crab legs.  I'm also happy to report we've eaten at home all week.

Okay, so it looks like we mainly survive on fluids and yogurt, but we do have real fruits and veggies in our cabinets and meat in the freezer.  Our fruit and veggies are in the cabinet because my male dog has decided he now gets up on the counters and eats whatever is up there.  Sigh.

So my husband finally decided his two door, two seat convertible is impractical.  Okay, so he still won't say it, but it wouldn't fit fishing poles and he decided this was hindering him.  So he decided to trade in his car and get another truck.  We went back to Carmax where we've had great success in the past, and instead, had a horrible experience.  We listed the car for two days on Craigslist and my work and then my husband decided he didn't want to deal with selling private party so we'd go to another dealership.  And there was where we found out what a great bargainer I am.  My husband said I'd be awesome overseas where you haggle over everything.  We finally worked out a deal we're happy with, and I'm happy to say we now have two practical vehicles.  Next step is moving on to a larger house.  That's another adventure in itself.  Anyway, between Carmax, RK, back to Carmax, I feel like I've spent all my time when I've not been at work this week at car dealerships.

Tomorrow I'm going to stock up at Target following The Coupon High's list.  I also have a lot of coupons expiring Saturday so am going to use some of those.  I went to CVS this week but I'll be darned if I remember what I bought!  That was Monday, you know, years ago!

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