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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rite Aid Money Making Trip

Real quick, I forgot to mention what that adorable dog (in post below) did yesterday.  He ate an entire loaf of the bread I had just purchased!  Daggone, it's a good thing I only paid 79 cents for it.  I'm not going to say his sister didn't help, but Highway is definitely the instigator.

I finally had time to go to Rite Aid and had a successful trip at that!  I, of course, used my $5 off $25 purchase from watching those Video Value clips, and actually made money when all was said and done.

(Of course it involved more drinks!)
I'm not going into all the details as most of the coupons I used expired today and were printed a while back on Coupons.com, but my total out of pocket was 8.47 (before tax).
Then I got $6 back in +Up Rewards
And will submit for the 8.00 Dulcolax rebate
(The Dulcolax will be donated to the free clinic.  Not that anyone was asking, but still.)

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