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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Confession

My confession is that I have not been frugal as of late.  Seriously.  My freezer and cabinets are crammed full of food, yet we've been eating out about 5 meals a week the last couple of weeks.  I guess the only good thing is that I can still put of grocery shopping a while longer? :)

Life has just been happening, and I'm fine with it.  I also haven't been shopping lately, so there are no pictures.  We did pick up milk, cereal, deodorant (because apparently the 3 sticks my husband already has sitting on the sink aren't good enough.  I'm not sure if he's trying to find his favorite brand or what), and underwear.  You know how the dryer eats socks?  Mine's been eating my underwear.

It's okay to miss deals.  I don't think I stepped foot into any drugstores or Target last week.  A while ago that would have made me hyperventilate, but right now, it's fine.  I didn't have the time or energy, and those sales will roll back around!

I am back on board now, though.  I don't know that I'll catch all the sales this week, it's going to be another busy week, but I'll at least find time to get my free McCafe smoothie or frappe' courtesy of the McDonald's coupon in Parade magazine yesterday. ;)

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