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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekly update

I went shopping Friday afternoon to Walgreens. By then they were out of a lot of the men's products that were on sale and had higher coupon values off. I still saved about $12, though.

Friday night a huge snowstorm started. Okay, for this area, Hampton Roads, 3 inches is a major snowstorm, but this really was impressive. I was stuck inside so cleaned all day yesterday! Yay! I came up with 5 garbage bags full of things to trash and one bag full of giveaway. I thought how great it was that I wasn't even tempted to go shopping until my husband asked if I wanted to go out to dinner. Well, duh, having cleaned all day, of course I did! So we found one of the few restaurants open and ate for $35 with tip. He had a giftcard from work which covered the total cost and tip so we didn't spend anything out of pocket.

By the way, it kept snowing into the early morning today so there is lots more cleaning to do. :)

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