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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Great Savings!

I have had some great savings so far this week!!! I figured if I have to go out in the snow to work, I might as well go shopping, too. :)

I hit Walgreens yesterday to do the Blink Gel and Vitamin Lip stuff, and grabbed some 75% off kid stickers for Christmas presents next year. I also got two boxes of Shredded Wheat for free--they were $1 each and I used the $2 off Post cereal coupon. My dogs eat Shredded Wheat as treats, and well, free treats are the best! I can't find that receipt, but it was impressive. (The cashier told me, "You go, girl!") And I got back $10 in RRs.

Today I bought another Blink Gel (my dad has dry eyes) and a Russell Stover valentine candy heart. I used my $2 off Blink Gel coupon and the $2 RR from the lip gloss yesterday so paid $4.29 out of pocket and got an $8 RR back.

CVS: (My pictures aren't loading so just imagine for now! :))
Colgate toothpaste, Lady Speed Stick deodorant (on clearance for .87 cents and used .50 cent off coupon!), two sparkling waters (B1G1 free), men's Dove body wash, and two 2 oz cocoa butter lotions. I used 5 coupons, 2 CVS coupons (on the lotion), and $2 ECBs. I paid $5.29 out of pocket and received $7.49 in ECBs!!

Rite Aid: Bought more Blink Gel, 2 bags of Chex Mix, 2 Tag body sprays (marked down to 2.49 each and used B1G1 free coupon), 2 Cadbury Eggs, Colgate Total toothpaste, and 2 Wet N Wild nail polishes. I used $5 off $20 RA Video Values coupon, manufacturer and RA Video Values items coupons, and my $5 gift of savings rewards to bring my total to... 93 big cents!! With tax, I paid $1!!! I will then get $2 SCR and $7.99 SCR so made $9.99! Yipee! :)

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