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Monday, January 25, 2010

So far behind!

Okay, I'll admit. If my home was as organized as I wish my head was, Martha Stewart would envy me. Get it? Right, neither my home nor my brain is organized right now!

I am getting a birthday present shipped off a week late, still have two birthday cards that need to go out (one from October!!!!) and a list a mile long of other things I need to do. In my dream world, I'm superwoman!! In the real world, I am hanging by a thread most days!

Anywho, I did my grocery shopping for the week today. I spent a grand total of $18 and saved $24 at Kroger. I don't care for Kroger, they have good deals, but few of their staff seems to ever know what's going on. So I make trips there very rarely, but had some great coupon matchups today to take advantage of.

For $18 I got a bottle of hot wing sauce, cream of mushroom soup, 3 cans of Rotel tomatoes, an energy drink, three pears, a bag of pistachios, three bags of Goldfish crackers, two bags of Kraft shredded cheese, corn tortillas, and a cup of organic yogurt. We have plenty to eat up out of the freezer (meat) and the pantry (every other staple), so this should be all I need to spend this week. I'm sure hoping so anyway!!

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