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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Coupon Clipping!

I am looking forward to getting some great deals soon! The coupons in this week's newspaper are great.

So far, for two people, I've spent $120 on groceries for the month (!). I did most of my cooking yesterday, then put meals in to freeze. However, that spending made five meals (which will turn into 10 with leftovers), breakfast for two weeks and snacks. Lunch is varied, I eat at work a lot and my husband either goes out to eat or takes a sandwich. So I'd like to think that is $60 a week, which for two people still seems like a lot compared to some peoples' budget and mealplans I've seen, but for just getting started, that's a happy number for me.

I've set up a spreadsheet and am ready to tackle the budget for this year! Wish me luck!!

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