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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week Two

Week one saw me spend about $200 on groceries and various other things.

I am happy to report we only spent $80 this week. This may seem like an awful lot to some people, but just easing into it, we're very proud of ourselves!! :) We were out of milk and cottage cheese so had to replenish that. $40 of it was not supposed to be out of pocket. We went out to eat with a giftcard, only my husband didn't bring the giftcard. You live, you learn. Then we grabbed dinner out last night. I had planned on fixing something at home, but ended up working all day yesterday due to a coworker was sick and left early. By the time I got home I was dog tired! (Yet another good reason to make and freeze ahead of time! Eliminate eating out because you're too tired to cook.) My husband was going golfing today with my dad and really needed some golf shoes. He's slid in his tennis shoes and fell in the mud the last two times he's been out. Anyway, we were out buying golf shoes (with a giftcard that he brought this time!) so grabbed a bite while out.

We have enough food to last us through next week, and milk to get us at least through the beginning of the week so I don't foresee having to spend too much next week. Of course this is hoping no major appliances go on the fritz this week!

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