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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Catching up!

I did a lot of shopping this week... too much, probably. Below, see how I fared.

First was Target since my female dog Daisy, prefers vomiting on carpet rather than the great big space of tile we have... Anyway, this week Target has all their Bissell pet vacuums and deep cleaners full price, but you get a $20 giftcard at the checkout for use on your next trip. THEN, it gets better!! Today one of the sales flyers had a Bissell rebate form where I will submit to get $20 back from them as well. I can handle $89 as I couldn't find it anywhere cheaper than $129.

Next was my husband's favorite trip, he left Harris Teeter saying, "I am NEVER paying full price for anything again!" Anyway, we bought more, but some has already been eaten... I got the green chilies, 2 tuna pouches, 2 Lip Smackers, 3 Yoplait Whips yogurt, 1 Chobani Greek yogurt, and Purdue Shortcuts Grill for a grand total of $3.37. I saved $3.03 using the HT VIC card, and $16.04 using coupons (which were doubled). I wasn't terribly impressed with Harris Teeter but probably will make another trip tomorrow with the .85 cent off Viva Big Roll paper towel coupons from the insert today, and some more yogurt coupons.

Another Target trip. Got these 2 drink mixes, 5 Weight Watchers Smart Ones, 6 Healthy Choice dinners, 2 Breyers yogurts, 12 Archer Farm yogurts (store brand), 1 pack of Dannon Activia yogurt, 1 Old Spice deodorant (not pictured), and Reynolds slow cooker liners. I got .15 cents off for using reusable bags, and then used $5 worth of coupons (for the frozen dinners) bringing the total to $38.14. Not terrible, but there were no sales on the dinners this week so the total came up a bit higher than usual.

My favorite! Again, at Target. I got 2 Market Pantry cottage cheese (one eaten already) and 6 boxes of Hefty OneZips. This was actually from last week, the Hefty were $1 each rather than $1.99, and I had $1 off 2 coupons from a few months ago (paper sales flyer). My grand total was $7.43. All of the plastic bags are going to the Lackey Free Clinic, they use them to package up bottled medicines and samples.

The Harris Teeter super doubles is going on through Tuesday, I'm going to hit that again tomorrow after work, there are a few great coupons that will work well for me tomorrow. The coupons this week were great, I went to Dollar Tree and bought 3 additional newspapers today. I figure $3 for much larger savings is well worth it!!

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