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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spending and saving

Not too much exciting shopping lately.

I was able to price adjust some yogurt and cottage cheese at Target and made enough to buy 4 more yogurts. Of course I am heading back there later this week so there goes that saving!

I went to Farm Fresh yesterday to pick up a few things. $40 later I have a refrigerator full, including fresh scallops and crab, so I'm happy with that. They were doubling coupons up to 99 cents, but I only used 4 coupons (this seems to be my number this week). The rest of the coupons I had, even doubled, could be used regular to get things cheaper at Target.

I did finally receive a $5 rebate check from Crock-Pot that I sent off for months ago. I bought a Crock-Pot on sale at Target before Thanksgiving, during the time I bought it Crock-Pot was running a promo where if you bought a $30 or more expensive Crock-Pot you could submit for a $5 rebate. I realize some people think rebates are more trouble than they're worth, but I generally submit them and enjoy the suprise check months later! We also got back a check from overpaying our escrow on our mortgage and a tax refund from the city from last year, so I had a nice little extra deposit for our bank account.

That extra money is going towards my Macy's bill. I only owe $320 more on it, and want to knock it out quickly!! So far we've paid down $500 worth of overall debt, and hope to hit $820 in the next couple of weeks.

My camera is acting funny so I don't have any pictures this week, I'll do a picture post if ever I sit down and try to diagnose and treat the problem. I know I love seeing pictures of what other people buy, so I'm going to try to solve this quickly.