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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ultimate Christmas Countdown Checklist | Real Simple

(Photo from Real Simple)

Here's a little something to help with your holiday planning.  The turkey is bought for Thanksgiving, the wrapping paper and Christmas cards are bought, and Christmas gift shopping is 40% done. It's nice to have some things checked off my list!

I have shopped like a maniac this weekend.  I was off Friday so spent the day shopping with my parents and sister.  Jimmy was at work, because, well, someone's got to pay the bills! ;)  Okay, and a day of shopping would be like a day of torture to him.  I haven't been able to get him to do it since we've been married.  Dang!

Yesterday was shopping, a 1st birthday party, and more shopping.  I have made index cards with everyone's names on them and have what I've bought or am going to buy for their stocking on the front, and the same thing with the actual gifts on the back.  That helps me remember what all I have so one person doesn't end up with 20 items.  Or with 2 of the same items.  Ahem.  I just knew that I had bought one thing for my mom, but could not find it.  I remembered thinking at the time what a great deal I had gotten.  So I bought another for an equally good deal, got home to put it in the Christmas stocking bag and found the original.  It's nothing that two can't be used, it was just good to validate that I am not dreaming up things I've bought!

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  1. By all means, Mom will take two of anything or everything in her stocking!!!

    Glad you are making great progress on your shopping...hope to catch up on mine soon.